The Team


  •  Fazal Karim BA (Hons) - Principal
  •  Andy Hollas BA (Hons) - Consultant Solicitor
  • Shah Suhail Ahmed LLB (Hons) - Assistant Solicitor
  • Sahar Saleem LLB (Hons) - Trainee
  • Ali Akhtar - Permanent Work Experience

Being accused of any crime is stressful. You need to know who you can turn to for the best possible help... and that first call can seem daunting. Which is why we at Karim & Co Solicitors make the process as simple and painless as possible; we are available around the clock to discuss your case confidentially.

We have gained a growing reputation for making sure our clients are fully aware of their rights and given the best legal representation. This reputation for high-quality, professional service and our track record of success have resulted in other legal firms, professionals such as accountants and of our past and present clients recommending Karim & Co Solicitors.

We work hard to obtain the best result possible for those we represent by influencing and challenging decisions from the first stage of a police station enquiry through to any subsequent trial and sentence. Our dedicated team handles all criminal law matters in a sensitive, efficient and professional manner.

Fazal Karim – Principal Solicitor at Karim & Co Solicitors

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Karim & Co Solicitors

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Our Services


The firm deals with all aspects of criminal law and related proceedings including:


Attendance at the Police Station

- on a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year call-out basis. In the event you require our assistance we can be contacted on our 24 hour telephone number 07725814027.



 - at the Magistrates' Court, Crown Court and Court of Appeal.


Legal Aid

- We will not charge you for initial advice that we provide. You will be advised on eligibility for Legal Aid or advice on a pro-bono basis.


Advice, assistance and representation

- in relation to Criminal Restraint Orders, Production Orders and Proceedings under the Drug Trafficking Act for confiscation and forfeiture.


Benefits Cases


Motoring / Road Traffic Offences


Private Hire Licensing


Serious Fraud, Money Laundering and POCA Cases


Witness signatures, copy attestations, statutory declarations, POA etc


We speak your language - As well as English; our solicitors speak - Bengali, Sylheti, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati and many more

(interpreters can be provided where necessary)

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